Moving home and looking to stop your service?  Answer the questions below and we'll get you on your way.

Moving house

Guide to moving home
  • When to tell us you're moving
    Let us know you're moving home 10 days before you move.
  • What to tell us
    We'll need to know the date you are moving out (service stopped) and contact details so we can send you your final bill.
  • Are there any cancellation fees?
    Should you need to cancel your meter reading/billing service eg when you sell your property, you will be refunded the pro-rata balance of your yearly subscription that has not been used. Simply email us at {{result.Email}}.
  • Does Fair Water Bills supply services at my new address?
    We supply services to a lot of locations, so chances are we're available at your new place! If you'd like to double-check, call us on {{result.PhoneNumber}} or email us at {{result.Email}}.
  • How do I supply my final meter reading?
    As your meter is read monthly, your final bill can be issued on a pro-rata basis. Alternatively, you can supply a photo of the meter reading from your last day of service, or you may request a check read. For further information please refer to our fee schedule.